Turrican.eu - One portal for three pages

This little page wants to inform you about the cooperation of the three mayor Turrican websites, which continues to confuse people. Although they do not share the same look, all three websites share specific content. The look of this content is adapted to the website you are currently visiting, but this does not affect the content itself. If something new is added to one of these shared sections it shows up immediately on all three websites. Please take note of the following listing of these shared sections to better understand the connections of the three Turrican websites:

The Forum

The United Turrican Forum is shared by all three Turrican websites and also the Manfred Trenz Fanpage. It is specifically adjusted to the needs of the relatively small Turrican community and neither requires nor provides a personal registration. Just visit and - if you feel like it - contribute. Despite the lack of a registration procedure or other annoyances like captcha textboxes you do not have to worry about spambots as they are not adopted to custom spam protection features of uncommon forum systems.

The Soundbase

The Soundbase is the ultimate collection of Turrican related music. It focuses on cover versions and tracks inspired by Turrican but also includes recordings of original Turrican music and even features tracks of upcoming games from time to time. If you want to contribute to the soundbase, please just contact one of the webmasters of the three Turrican websites.

The Levelbase

The Levelbase is the ultimate collection of T2002 and Hurrican levels. It is supposed to include every publicly released T2002 and Hurrican level. It is also used by the T Starter to load additional T2002 levels. If you have found a level, which is not included in the levelbase or you want to contribute to the levelbase yourself, please just contact one of the webmasters of the three Turrican websites.

More coming soon...

Now do not miss your chance to click on all three logos and figure out for yourself what those websites have in common and what differentiates them.